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Three Colours is a seminal trilogy by Krzysztof Kieślowski

From wikipedia:

The Three Colours trilogy (Polish: Trzy kolory, French: Trois couleurs) is the collective title of three films directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski, two made in French and one primarily in Polish: Three Colors: Blue (1993), Three Colors: White (1994), and Three Colors: Red (1994). All three were co-written by Kieślowski and Krzysztof Piesiewicz (with story consultants Agnieszka Holland and Sławomir Idziak) and have musical scores by Zbigniew Preisner. is a natural choice for sites dedicated to cinema!

From empireonline:

Why so great? Okay, it’s three films for the price of one, with a cast of lovelorn judges, lonely emigres and grief-stricken widows searching for consolation in an unforgiving modern day Europe. But while Kieslowski’s colour-coded trilogy works through the colours of the French national flag (if he’d picked South Africa, he’d still be making it), and is rooted in liberte, egalite and fraternite, it’s chock full of universal themes and emotions. and are also available!

“Kieslowski is one of the filmmakers I would turn to for consolation if I learned I was dying.” (Roger Ebert) What not to say… “Did you know the fourth colour was going to be puce?”

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